T1 - Dependable AI and AI for Testing


Haralampos Stratigopoulos



Giulio Gambardella


T2 - Functional Safety and Reliability


Riccardo Cantoro



Jyotika Athavale


T3 - Emerging technologies and architectures


Rajendra Bishnoi



Marco Ottavi


T4 - Security and Trust


Ilia Polian



Johanna Sepulveda


T5 - Test and Reliability for Analog, Mixed-Signal, RF


Anthony Coyette



Florence Azais


T6 - DFT and Test Access Standards


Martin Keim



Jennifer Dworak


T7 - Validation, Verification, Debug and Diagnosis


Graziano Pravadelli



Daniel Grosse


T8 - Test generation, Fault Simulation, Fault Tolerance, Application and evaluation


Stelios Neophytou



Rene Krenz-Baath